There are a lot of things that we need to remember when watching this age old classic in order to fully enjoy it, it has been an amazing ride since 1975 and its following is still going strong, but if you are watching after a while and you have forgotten even a little bit about it then following are the few things to remember when you start watching it again,

interactive shows

It is irrelevant to know all the facts about the filming and what went behind the scenes when creating the film and the actual show but when a picture enjoys such cult-like support, the fans want to know everything about it, and now it is all about the BTS and off camera videos but at the time when it was produced there was no concept of it and people were amazed to read every little detail about it but little was being printed about it, little detail like Quinn’s hair was sprayed red every day, and not dyed surprised people and Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick are the only Americans in lead roles, this was a surprise because even at that time, any huge project taking place in England used to have big names from the United States because there was an abundance of amazing talents here even at that time, but these two stood out in the leading role and put on a performance that would go on to become a part of the history books.

Rocky Horror picture show is one of the many interactive shows which has some of the most iconic costumes as well, and people to date use such costumes regularly in their plays and this surely tells a lot about how enthusiastic people are about this all time classic.