When you succeed at Word Chums, it can be a lot of fun to play, but how do you do that? The following are some suggestions for this game:

  • Make use of high-pointed letters: You must make sure to use a large word when playing the game in order to earn high scores. It will be better if you choose words with five or seven letters because they will get you more points.
  • Add more to the word: While playing the game, there may be more terms that you can use that will increase your score. By just adding the letter S at the end, it is simple to expand the words to the board.
  • Become a leading chum: While playing the game, it will also provide you the opportunity to do so. You have a chance to be at the top of the scoreboard thanks to the weekly leader board.

Word Chums, a part of project LEXICON, is a type of word game cheat that will increase the fun factor of your game.

project LEXICON

More about Word Chums:

Word Chums is a fun game that you may play against human opponents, computer bots, and even your friends. Your word combinations will be strengthened, and your vocabulary will grow. You can defeat the provided clue tasks and find the best word.  If you want to advance or take the lead Chum, you should constantly keep a record of your successes. The numbers should be closely examined, and you should contrast them with others.