If you are looking to improve the relationships in your office or suffering from a stressful relationship, then you should find ways to get the solutions for it. With the aid of Drama Dreieck, you could easily understand the reasons for the conflicts in the workplace or you want to avoid any toxic relationships. Drama Triangle is the model that explains the three roles in the relationships that include The Prosecutor, Rescuer, and Victim.

An overview of Drama Triangle:

It is common that conflict arises between groups of people. Conflicts are so common in the workplace, but if you don’t find the main reason for the conflicts then it can be hard for you to solve the issues. This would be arising and it will affect the work. So, this model is used in Transaktionsanalyse to know how the conflicts occur.


First of all, the model is more helpful in understanding the relationships better. It would help the people to understand what kind of relationship with the particular or group of person. Next, the triangle helps to understand whether the relationship is toxic or not. This would help them to understand what they really want.

Hence, the above points explain to you the basics of the drama triangle. If you want to improve communication and avoid conflicts in the workplace this model would be more helpful. After the team members learn about this model, it is easy for them to avoid the drama.