Fluent is a well-known chain of medical cannabis dispensaries, serving patients in multiple states. Patients looking to obtain medical cannabis often need to navigate a complex landscape of fees and taxes. This case study provides an overview of the fees commonly associated with Fluent dispensaries, shedding light on the financial aspects patients should consider.

Case 1: Florida – The Sunshine State


In Florida, Fluent operates a network of dispensaries. Patients seeking medical cannabis products must be aware of the fees involved.

Fees in Florida:

  • Product Cost: Patients are charged the retail price of the medical cannabis products they purchase.
  • State Sales Tax: Florida imposes a 6% state sales tax on medical cannabis, which is added to the final purchase price.
  • Local Taxes: Some municipalities in Florida may levy additional local taxes. Patients should inquire at their local Fluent dispensary for specific details.
  • Registration Fee: To become a qualified medical cannabis patient in Florida, an annual registration fee of $75 is required. The fee may be reduced for veterans and low-income individuals.

Fluent dispensaries

The Keystone State


Pennsylvania is another state with Fluent dispensaries, and the fee structure here is somewhat different from Florida.

Fees in Pennsylvania:

Product Cost: Patients in Pennsylvania pay the retail price for medical cannabis products.

State Sales Tax: In Pennsylvania, sales tax is not applied to medical cannabis products.

Medical Card Fee: Patients must obtain a medical cannabis card, which comes with an annual fee of $50. This card is essential for purchasing products at Fluent dispensaries.

┬áMichigan – The Great Lakes State


Michigan has a unique fee structure for medical cannabis patients, including those who visit Fluent dispensaries.

Fees in Michigan:

  • Product Cost: Patients pay the listed prices for medical cannabis products.
  • State Sales Tax: Michigan imposes a 6% sales tax on medical cannabis products, which is typically included in the final price.
  • Registration Fee: To become a registered medical cannabis patient in Michigan, individuals must pay an annual fee of $40. This card is mandatory for purchasing from Fluent dispensaries.


Understanding the fees associated with fluent dispensaries is essential for patients seeking medical cannabis. The fee structure can vary significantly from one state to another, depending on state regulations, sales taxes, and local taxes. Additionally, patients must consider the cost of obtaining a medical card or registering with the state’s medical cannabis program. It is imperative for patients to research and inquire at their local Fluent dispensary to fully comprehend the specific fees and taxes that apply in their state. This knowledge helps patients make informed decisions and budget effectively for their medical cannabis purchases.