Located in Louisiana, Leavitt & Meunier is a legal firm that provides various solutions that benefit its clients. They offer social security disability advocacy as one of their services. The business has a group of seasoned lawyers that focus on assisting Louisianans in getting the benefits they are entitled to.

Who is eligible for Social Security Disability?

Those not in a position to work due to an illness or disability can receive financial aid through the federal Social Security Disability program. Individuals require a medical condition that is anticipated to endure for at least 12 months or result in death to be eligible for this program. The program also stipulates that the participant must be disabled and unable to engage in any considerable earnings-producing activity.

How the Louisiana social security disability lawyers assist?

The procedure of requesting Social Security Disability advantages can be difficult and time-consuming. The appeals procedure can be drawn out and difficult, and many benefit applications are originally rejected. Attorneys for social security disability can guide you through the application process and, if necessary, act as your advocate during the appeals process.

The Social Security Disability program & the laws governing it are matters of considerable expertise to the lawyers of Leavitt & Meunier. They may assist you in gathering the required medical documentation to back up your claim and make sure your application is correct and thorough. They can also assist you with your preparation for the proceeding against an Administrative Law Judge and, if necessary, act as your legal representative.

Social Security Disability Attorneys in Louisiana

Why file your Social Security Disability lawsuit with Leavitt & Meunier?

When it comes to successfully defending clients in Social Security Disability lawsuits, Leavitt & Meunier has a solid track record. The firm’s lawyers have the skills and experience required to help clients navigate the complicated Social Security Disability system and get the benefits they are entitled to.

The company is also aware of how crucial client communication is. Leavitt & Meunier’s lawyers will keep you updated on the progress of the proceedings and address any queries you may have along the way.


You can qualify for Social Security handicap benefits if you require financial support because of a handicap that prevents you from working. But getting these advantages can be a difficult process. You can improve your chances of getting the benefits you require by engaging some Social Security Disability Attorneys in Louisiana. The lawyers at Leavitt & Meunier possess the expertise and understanding required to guide you through the procedure and secure the rewards you are entitled to.