3D molded interconnects devices technology of integrated electronic carriers allows the direct connection of electronic, mechanical and optical features on the injection molded units and films. These PCB-tracks are integrated straight in case as well as substitute conventional printed board. This mid technology provides high degree of design flexibility with weight reduction and miniaturization by 3D component geometry.

Injection molding

The plastic parts will act as the substrates and made by one single shot injection of the plastic material that is doped with metal-complex. The material choice will be done as per the application requirements.

3D-MID provides following benefits

The challenge is to produce the MID prototype much faster and economically that was not possible with conventional 3DMID design and manufacturing process. Injection moulded 3DMIDs, like used in the series production need expensive injection moulding and long lead-times. The laser sintered prototypes are made at the relatively low rate.

  • Quick design cycles
  • Small production series at the lower price
  • Miniaturisation
  • Shorter chains
  • Savings attained through lesser components
  • Higher functional safety

The possibilities of the lasers

The application areas for MID technology can be found in all industries and markets. This technology provides the real opportunity for the MEMS applications because of its capabilities about miniaturization. Particularly for packaging and other process, where positioning tolerances, the electrical and mechanical connection to environment will lead to the high challenges, 3D-MID offers the best packaging solution.

3D Applications

3D MID technology offers benefits wherever electronics and plastics meet; everywhere in the current and the future technical hardware.

  • Switches
  • Sensors
  • LED carriers
  • Antennas
  • Connectors & connectivity modules
  • Lighting modules
  • Security devices
  • 3D circuits
  • Electronic packaging