Barely we come across the word “Rajasthan”, the beautiful images of large sand screens flatter our thoughts.Located at the western limit of Rajasthan, a former royal state, the vast expanses of the great Indian desert of Thar are one of the distinct topographic characteristics of our country. These endless horizons of golden sands include many interesting stories of merchants and their caravans which always plays an important role in the local books of folklore and jaisalmer desert safari camp history.

Desert Tour: A Pleasurable Trip

A joyful conduct on the bumpy back of a camel is an ultimate way to take a look at the Thar without limits and the lucid campaign of the Western Rajasthan. And, a ride on the camel on this vast expanse of sands will allow jaisalmer desert safari campvisitors to take a look at this world distinct from wild species.

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The people of various corners of the world who visit Rajasthan are made up of it to engage in a camel safari. State and private travel agents organize long trips that extend up to 15 days and short trips that extend up to 4 days at the request of holiday makers. They will provide a trained guide that would escort visitors to an unknown path of Thar and would tell interesting desert tales during their trip.

Camel destinations:

The Western Rajasthan is dotted with fantastic places from where you can start trips from jaisalmer desert safari camp . Some of these destinations are as follows.

Jaisalmer: One of the main destinations of the desert circuit, Jaisalmer is well known as the gateway to the Thar desert. Sam Sand Dunes just 42 km from Jaisalmer is the closest place to the Thar desert. This beautiful expanse of golden sands offers a golden opportunity for vacationers to lose themselves on the vast expanses of the Thar desert.